Unpacking Nappily Ever After

I'd like to start this off by gushing over the fact that Violet chooses no man at the end. Too often in movies, Black women are shown that we must go for the man that's outside our preference to find happiness, or we end up alone (not by our decision) and regretting our life choices (I'm… Continue reading Unpacking Nappily Ever After


Bad Habits I’ve Been Mistaking as Talents

Habits are hard to get rid of, especially when you've conditioned yourself into thinking that they're some type of superpower. Now that I'm on the latter side of my twenties, I figure it's time to reassess some of my not so great tendencies. Below are some of my bad habits that I've been mistaking as talents.  … Continue reading Bad Habits I’ve Been Mistaking as Talents


The Necessity of Following Through

My dad says to me, "you do a lot of talking", as I forget to send him some important documents for the umpteenth time. One big lesson I've learned in the past couple of years is the power of consistency and with much introspection I have realized that I'm the biggest flake on the planet.… Continue reading The Necessity of Following Through


4 Questions I Searched During My LDR

Unfortunately, my first "real" relationship just so happened to be long distanced. My lack of relationship experience plus the hundreds of miles in between us caused an end that I had already seen coming. Below are 4 questions that drove me crazy during the time of the relationship. By the way... my edges are still… Continue reading 4 Questions I Searched During My LDR


When you’re stuck in limbo…

"You're grown as hell!" One of my potentials screams this to me as I reveal to him how so un... adult like I feel. Immediately I knew "grown as hell" meant that I'm way too old to be telling this to people and the look on his face advised me not to say that aloud… Continue reading When you’re stuck in limbo…