When you’re stuck in limbo…

“You’re grown as hell!”

One of my potentials screams this to me as I reveal to him how so un… adult like I feel.

Immediately I knew “grown as hell” meant that I’m way too old to be telling this to people and the look on his face advised me not to say that aloud again.

As I’m currently going through a quarter life crisis, I find myself asking “what the hell am I doing?” only about 62 times a day. Like many people, I mistakenly thought that at this age I would have it … not all… but at least a little together.

“So why don’t you feel like an adult?” he reluctantly asks.

My favorite answer to that question is that part of me still believes in fairtytales (hence the name Fairytale Tral), but I knew he wouldn’t let me get away with such a superficial answer. How can someone with a full time job who pays bills and delights in the kinds of fun that are exclusive to adults can not feel like… an adult?

I’d like to say I’m stuck in limbo.

No I’m not not talking about the place between heaven and hell. It sounds like a scary place but it’s not that terrible if you make it work for you. To be stuck in limbo means that you’ve already left one place, but your destination isn’t finalized. I know what I want to do, but I have no idea where I’m going or how I’ll get there. I think my time spent in limbo is preparing me for the the things I have coming way. The lessons I learn and the habits I develop during this time will turn me into the person I’ve always desired to be . I can’t ask for anything I’m not ready for. And if I receive those things without knowing how to handle it… I’ll surely mess them up.

So I’ll stay here while I’m trying to figure it out and if you’re anything like me you’re definitely in the right place. Maybe we can figure this all out together. Are you stuck in limbo? Let’s talk about it!


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