Bad Habits I’ve Been Mistaking as Talents

Habits are hard to get rid of, especially when you’ve conditioned yourself into thinking that they’re some type of superpower. Now that I’m on the latter side of my twenties, I figure it’s time to reassess some of my not so great tendencies. Below are some of my bad habits that I’ve been mistaking as talents.

  1. Procrastination

“Oh it’s not going to take long to finish this… I’ll work on it tomorrow.”

You know when you’re on a roller coaster and you’re at the part where the car is going up hill in preparation for the drop? That’s how exactly how it feels when I’m anticipating an upcoming deadline – a mixture of anxiety and excitement. Instead of you know… doing the work, I like to spend the time talking about what I have to do and bragging about how I can knock out the task in little to no time. O yes, I’m cocky with it. I’m sure this is one of the most common bad habits in the world, but I must confess that I am an extreme case. I have a love/hate relationship with procrastination, and just like Aquarius men I can’t seem to stay away from it even though I know it’s no good for me. This is my hardest habit to break, but I know I won’t be able to reach my peak success without doing so.

     2. Refusing help

“Thanks for asking, but I don’t need any help… I got it.”

Until recently, I never really understood the importance of asking people for help. Before then, it was deeply rooted in me that accepting help is a sign of weakness. I have yet to discover what childhood trauma took place in order for me to adopt that mindset, but it’s an unfortunate ideology that does nothing but pushes loved ones away and ushers you into an unhealthy state of isolation. I would often choose to serve my ego even if that meant suffering in silence. It even got to a point where I would always answer offers to help with defensiveness… “no it’s ok, I got this” – I would say as I rolled my eyes. I felt as if someone lending a helping hand meant that they felt like I couldn’t do it on my own. Fortunately, I’ve learned that this usually isn’t the case, and that humans are communicative creatures who have the desire to to belong to a community. And what do people who are apart of the same community do? That’s right… help each other! Life started getting better when I transformed my “I don’t need anyone” mentality into a “I’m grateful to have people around that care” one. I thought I could do and get through ANYTHING by myself… which may be true, but why waste time when I could just simply ask for help?

     3. “Reading” people as soon a I meet them

Omg you MUST be an Aries with divorced parents!”

My mom has a master’s degree in psychology, so that basically validates my initial perspective of people right? Wrong! I have an obnoxious habit of  guessing a person’s zodiac sign before they can even get their name out their mouth. Even the times I kept that talent to myself, I would walk away from the encounter with generalizations in my head. I realized that I’m doing myself the disservice of disallowing myself to get to know the person. Ironically, a few of the people I’ve written off right after our introduction have become some of my closest friends. People are complex and while I do believe that vibes don’t lie and I enjoy dabbling in astrology, it is ridiculous to think that I can fully analyze a person from the first meeting.

Do you have any habits that you are less than proud of? Let’s talk about it in the comments or hit me up on social media!

1 thought on “Bad Habits I’ve Been Mistaking as Talents”

  1. Sometimes procrastination of an important task prevents us from rushing into things and making mistakes. Delaying can give us time to organize and come up with better strategies.

    What we do in the time that we are procrastinating matters. If I procrastinate entering into a competition while training intensely then I might have an advantage when I decide to enter later on. If I neglect my training while procrastinating it becomes a problem.

    Procrastination is also a problem when we apply it to things in daily life that we should handle right away.


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